Illuminated Advertising Panel

For your Truck

About AmiLight

It shines brightly and evenly over the entire surface

It is very thin, aesthetically made and matched the exact shape of the truck cab.

The product made in the EU guarantees the highest quality and full satisfaction

Why AmiLight?

AmiLight will enhance your company logo and your truck will become a remote advertisement. Wherever you are, day or night, AmiLight will certainly attract attention, what is more it will become a hallmark of your company.

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About Us

The WOMAT Company has been present on the market since 1989. We design and manufacture heating and lighting devices (LED).

AmiLight advertising panels are our original products. We use only the high quality components and proven production methods to product them.


Frequently Asked Questions

For each panel we enclose a template with marked holes. Place the template on the cab body and mark the holes locations. After making the holes, attach the panel with the nuts from the inside. Use a separate switch to connect the power cord with the car’s installation (24V). Connect the white cable wire to the minus of the installation. A detailed description of the assembly can be found in the instructions supplied with AmiLight.

Yes. When the truck’s engine is turned off, the panel shines with less brightness and consumes 30% less battery power. The panel shines with full brightness only when the truck’s engine is working.

When the engine is running, the panel takes 0.4 A of current (11.4 W) for each meter of LED strip length.
When the engine is turned off, the panel takes 0,28 A current (6.8 W) for each meter of the LED strip length.
Details for the selected vehicle brand can be found in the product description.

The panel is adapted to be powered by 24 V from vehicle installation. It does not require the use of an additional voltage converter.

The brightness is perfectly chosen so that the advertisement is completly visible after dark, and at the same time it does not dazzle.

Panel lighting should be turned simultaneously with the car lights.
There are two reasons:
1. After dark there are better conditions for using the panel, moreover the LEDs are not exposed to solar overheating
2. During the day a panel light is barely seen, so there is no point in switching it on. In addition, energy from the vehicle is unnecessarily wasted.

Yes, we also provide advertising services. For this purpose, you just need to contact us and set the details of the ad. We will select the right technology and prepare a complete product. The important thing is that we integrate advertising with the panel at the semi-finished stage, which increases its quality and durability. We use only the best components and proven production methods to make advertising.

The panel mounted in accordance with the assembly instructions is completely safe to use.

For the production of the panel we use high quality materials resistant to difficult weather conditions (plastic and aluminum). The panel is also very solidly made.
The rest is up to you – if you ensure the correct operating conditions, AmiLight will serve you for many years.

If you want to buy a panel use contact form or send an e-mail to You can also call +48 739011860 (we speak English). Tell us what panels are you interested in, how many pieces do you need and where the place of delivery is. In response, we will send you the pricing, including delivery costs. If you want to place your advertisement on AmiLight – give us the details. If something is not clear enough to you, do not hesitate to ask – we will be happy to help you.

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